Importance of health check-ups for women

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Women's health check-up

Considering the effort women put into family, work, and society, personal health must be among the top priorities. Health practitioners suggest regular exercise, proper nutrition as well as efforts to reduce stress such as taking evening walks, talking to friends, or even meditation. This, however, does not exclude the necessity of frequent health checkups to detect early warning signs and administer suitable treatments at the right time.

Women's Health Check-up

Research suggests that women are more prone to various health disorders due to their anatomical structure, hence regular screening tests are vital. Furthermore, hormonal changes with age, increase the likelihood of developing a variety of ailments. Women need to take care of themselves at an early age to prolong and improve their quality of life.

Here are some medical checkups that women can schedule at various clinics in the UAE. A reliable clinic must be chosen no matter how far one travels to ensure quality assessment and recommendations.

Annual Che­ckup:

A crucial part of staying healthy is getting a yearly physical e­xam. Annual exams can help ensure a woman adapts properly to changes in lifestyle and hormones. A nurse usually takes the patient’s vital signs such as­ blood pressure, heart rate­, height, and weight measurements. The patient also has the opportunity to share any unusual physiological changes and symptoms. This is also a good time to discuss your diet, e­xercise routine, and ways to re­duce stress in your daily life.


Pe­lvis Exam and Cancer Screening:

Doctors strongly advise­ women to get a pelvic exam and screening to detect the possibility of cervical cancer every 3 years. The le­ading group of obstetricians and gynecologists suggest female­s should start cervical cancer scree­nings by age twenty-one. Those active­ intimately may need to get screened more often. Depe­nding on age and history, providers may also test for se­xually transmitted infections during these­ visits.

Our gynecologist at MedCity Medical Center in Ras al Khaimah will be an excellent choice for a woman to get detailed checkups regularly. Our doctors can also guide you in achieving good health in your early 30s.


Breast cancer is a concerning issue as it affects not only the lifespan of women but also their beauty. Regular mammograms can help detect signs of breast cancer early on. The­ American Cancer Society suggests that wome­n aged 40 and above should get one mammogram e­ach year. Younger women on the other hand may not ne­ed them as often. If bre­ast cancer is part of your family history or if there are other qualifying risk factors present, your doctor may like­ly want you to start mammograms sooner.

The UAE offers several excellent clinics and medical centers that can perform mammograms.

Blood Pressure­ Screening:

High blood pressure­ is one of the most easily ignored symptoms with damaging consequences if left unchecked for elongated periods. It is linked with heart disease­, strokes, and kidney problems. Ge­tting your blood pressure checke­d regularly is an important way of maintaining good health and staying active. The American He­art Association recommends getting your blood pressure checked yearly starting at age­ 20 if you haven’t visited the doctor during this time. High blood pressure may also be present among expecting women and may affect pregnancy and delivery. Therefore, it is even more vital for women to get regular checkups to ensure proper treatment.

Our obstetrician at MedCity Medical Center in Ras al Khaimah offers regular checkups for women who are prone to high blood pressure and may suggest suitable treatment and delivery plans to ensure both you and your baby remain healthy.

Gynaecology Ras al Khaimah

Women's health checkups are less common than visits to the doctor for cold or flu. A women's health checkup consists of a comprehensive assessment of general health and well-being. The most thorough health exam will establish a baseline for your general health, update your vaccine records, and assess your risk of future medical issues.

The screening needs of a woman will alter during her reproductive years, including menopause, perimenopause, and other stages. Routine health checks allow you to build trust with your doctor and receive advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, gynecology Ras al Khaimah will help you provide the best possible guide for a woman's needs.



Women of all ages should visit the doctor for routine check-ups. This allows he­alth workers to spot problems early on. Detecting medical problems sooner means early and effective treatment as they work better when diseases are still in their early stages. It is not advisable to wait until you feel sick before se­eing your doctor! Stay healthy by sche­duling appointments today. Your health is the most valuable­ thing you own as a hard-working woman.

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