tooth extraction


is completely affordable!

at MedCity Medical Center RAK

Tooth extraction keeps your mouth healthy

again once our expert dentists do it for you.

Dental Tooth Extraction Procedure by MedCity Medical Center RAK, UAE

At MedCity Medical Center RAK, we are the most sought after and preferred teeth extraction dental center in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – and we have been doing this successfully for many years till date.

As UAE certified dentists and experts, we are trained to salvage patients’ teeth whenever the need arises.

What can MedCity Medical Center RAK Dental Tooth Extraction in UAE do for you?

  • Here at MedCity Medical Center RAK – we will first take digital x-rays to check on patient’s overall teeth health.
  • Once we see any trace of severe cavities, infection, or gum irritation – we will recommend having the teeth extracted.
  • Once a tooth extraction is done perfectly and conveniently at our clinic, this should resolve issues and get you out of pain.
  • Generally, a tooth extraction process is a totally painless procedure.
  • You are given anesthesia to keep the affected area totally numb, hence there’s no pain during the procedure, except for a few little pressure that is felt.
tooth extraction

In some conditions where a tooth cannot be saved,

a tooth extraction becomes the ultimate option

Dental Filling FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

  • Is dental filling really necessary?

    Cavities and other dental complications can destroy your entire mouth structure and even lead to other symptoms that can lead to death or facial strokes, so a filling may be necessary after consultation.

  • So who is a dental filling candidate

    A dental filling candidate is someone who experiences one or more of the following: gum line weakening, bad teeth alignment, holes and cavities, etc.

  • What is the cost of dental fillings in UAE?

    It varies, however it is completely affordable at MedCity.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    Within minutes – and at most times less than an hour.

  • Is MedCity dental filling treatment guaranteed?

    Yes, absolutely guaranteed.