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root canal treatment

Often when you have a cavity, the simple solution is to just get a filling. Things aren’t always that simple, though, and sometimes more drastic action is needed. A root canal, or endodontics, is a procedure usually carried out when there is an infection located deep within the tooth, in the root canal system. The infection itself can be caused by many different factors, from bacteria settling in cavities in the tooth, to an injury, to a damaged denture. However, the treatment remains largely the same- the bacteria are removed by cleaning out the root canal, which is then filled in to prevent further infection. Everything is done under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

Root canals often prevent the need to have a tooth extracted, which would be the main alternative. In as many as 9 out of 10 cases, teeth which have undergone a root canal last ten years or more after the procedure has been carried out, meaning you have much less chance of needing your tooth extracted and a denture fitted. MedCity Teeth will be able to carry out a successfully root canal treatment for you, keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth safe and sound, without the need for extraction.

What can MedCity Root Canal Treatment do for You?

Catch bacterial infection early

Stop the infection from spreading to other teeth, and causing more damage

Complete the root canal with minimal pain or discomfort

Prevents the need for extractions and dentures

Give you advice on how to keep the rest of your teeth clean and healthy


Complete Root Canal Treatment Package

in Just 90 minute!

Teeth Whitening FAQ

  • Does my dental insurance cover the cost of root canals?

    In most cases, your dental insurance will cover a large portion of the cost of a root canal treatment- between 50%-90%. However, it will be up to you to cover the remainder of the cost.

  • Does a root canal treatment hurt?

    Laser teeth whitening helps remove stains, restoring teeth to their natural colour, without damaging the surface layer or increasing sensitivity. Stained teeth are often the result of aging as well as dark coloured liquids and the food we consume.

  • How long does a root canal usually take?

    Root canals usually take around half an hour to an hour, although in some rare cases they may last up to 90 minutes.

  • Will I need to do anything after the root canal has been completed?

    Apart from keeping your mouth clean, no. However, many people feel pain when chewing with the tooth that has received the root canal for a few days afterwards, so you might want to exercise caution while you eat.