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Comprehensive Dental Care Services

Offered to children and adults, including routine checkups, preventative care, emergency services and many more...

Welcome to MedCity Medical Center Dental Department.

At MedCity Medical Center, we are 100% Patient-Focused and everyone’s comfort, perfect dental care, and overall health is our main focus. For many years till date, we have kept our position as the leading and most preferred Dental Service provider in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Our dentistry services are first-rate, affordable and attract both locals and international patients.

Right here, we simply offer patients Convenient, Affordable Dental Care services provided by world-class dentists, and we utilize cutting edge state of the art equipment and tools to ensure flawless operations! MedCity Medical Center has very beautiful, immaculately maintained dental office in UAE and we are fully equipped with the latest state of art technology that provides everyone with the best of dental experience.


Root Canal Treatments


Scaling, Cleaning and Polishing


Dental Veneers




Teeth Extraction


Dental Bridge


Dental Crowns

Why Choose Us?

MedCity Medical Center consists of high class experienced dentists in every specialty so that patients never have to visit anywhere else for affordable dental care in UAE. We take pleasure in delivering exclusive dentistry to everyone who visits our Ras Al Khaimah dental medical center. We offer cosmetic, general, and restorative dental treatments on patient’s schedule and with the convenience of being in a relaxed healthy environment.

  • Our Office is modern, warm, and inviting
  • Every appointment is enjoyable
  • Our office is equipped with latest technology, comprising cutting edge cameras, imaging, and digital scanning equipment, amongst others.
  • Our dental procedures are very efficient, comfortable, and clear-cut.
  • Patients get top quality dental treatment – yet completely affordable.

Make an Appointment with MedCity Medical Center today as our dentistry services are committed to providing modern dental care both for you and your loved ones. Contact us now and schedule a consultation with one of our caring dental practitioners and you will be glad you did. We provide emergency dental care services, accept walk-ins on daily basis, and are open 6 days a week.